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Dogs are a fairly consistent part of our culture. There are tons of movies, books, and personal stories about dogs that allow us to develop a pretty strong attachment to the idea of them. This is why it is so infinitely heartbreaking to know that there are so many dogs out there don’t have homes and have experienced abuse.  Many of them end up in pounds to be put to sleep. Several more ends up in shelters; waiting to be loved.

Welcome to PAWS Porthcawl. We are a site which focuses on the topics of dog shelters and dog adoption. We feel very strongly about these concepts and we wish to provide further understanding and coverage for it.

We aim to provide stronger understanding regarding shelters and dog adoption as a whole. We are going to continuously publish articles that help further the understanding of those core topics. We will be addressing common questions and misconceptions about both. Our writers all hail from dog care related fields of employment and are all in the position to provide answers to pertinent questions.

We hope that you’ll join us with each and every single article we make! Let’s all empower everyone’s knowledge about shelters and adoption.