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Hello and welcome to PAWS Porthcawl. We are a site that’s dedicated to championing the concepts of dog shelters and dog adoption. Shelters that allow for dog adoptions certainly need all the affiliation that it can get and the same is true for other smaller businesses, services, branding, and events. This is why we would like to reach out to those that may have a bit of a hard time getting the word out about themselves.

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We are opening our site to host ads. Here are a few of our ad options that you may be able to choose from:

Sponsored Content

If you would like to sponsor content, we would love to have one of our writers write our topic with details about you on the forefront. Our writers can help give our audiences a better understanding of you and what you may have to offer.

Banner Ads

Most advertising options start with banners. They are quick to the point, eye-catching, and efficient in capturing the interest of audiences. We can have some of the talented artists in our staff to help you devise a better banner that works well with the layout of our site.


Our writers are experts at SEO. They know which words are really capable of bring about site traffic. If you so wish, they can interlink our discussions with your site.

If you find yourself interested in our ad options, please give us a call at 214-579-7797. Our site manager, Avelina Taylor, will be on hand to help you through your queries.