dog welfare - Clearing the Air: Common Misconceptions about Dog Shelters

Clearing the Air: Common Misconceptions about Dog Shelters

Dog shelters carry a certain stigma about them that is rather hard to shake off. It’s a tad silly but we hope that with today’s discussion, we help to clear the air regarding common misconceptions about dog shelters.

There are quite a number of them so we believe it is important to do away with them for good. It isn’t helping anyone to allow the misconceptions to continue in its circulation. Before we adopted our own dogs from shelters, we all experienced the misconceptions that continue to stain dog shelters to this day. Here are some of the biggest ones:

Dog Shelters are for profit

People often find the concept of altruism highly puzzling. They tend to believe that if they, personally, wouldn’t want to spend hours upon hours of their time doing something for nothing, then others wouldn’t be so inclined to do so as well.

Therefore, the belief is that dog shelters are predominantly maintained for profit. This is highly false. Some of the largest dog shelters are maintained by nonprofit organizations. They are kept alive through the efforts of their volunteers. Patrons and local civilians help out by donating cash or supplies such as pet food, treats like kibbles, animal chews and bully sticks, grooming stuff, blankets and more.

black dog - Clearing the Air: Common Misconceptions about Dog Shelters

Dog Shelters only have older dogs

There is a belief that dog shelters are predominantly for those that are unloved and unwelcome. Ergo, nothing as cute as a puppy would be found there. Instead, the picture that dominates most people’s minds is of sad old dogs that no one wants to love.

This is highly false. Dog shelters are the temporary homes of dogs of various breeds and various ages. There is certainly a lot to choose from when it comes to dogs that are available for adoption. So regardless of your preferences, there will be a lot of dogs who are waiting to be loved.

Dog Shelters only have diseased dogs

There is this belief that shelters are only for those who have been maltreated and abandoned. People believe that dog shelters are the homes of highly diseased dogs which will be put down within a fortnight. This is hardly the case.

Dog shelters have, as part of their staff, veterinarians who are either in study or in practice. One of the shared goals of a majority of shelters would be to have healthy and rehabilitated dogs. As such, many of the dogs that are in shelters get to enjoy vaccinations, healthy meals, and exercise.

 So as you can see, there is very little truth regarding the misconceptions that have been quite persistent through the years. We hope that we’ve helped you better understand the good that dog shelters do. What are your thoughts regarding dog shelters and the misconceptions about them?

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