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Hello and welcome to PAWS Porthcawl! We are a site that is dedicated to the discourse of dog shelters and dog adoption. We firmly believe that such concepts should be widely supported and championed. The whole concept of dog shelters and dog adoption isn’t anything that is new but there is still much about it that causes puzzlement in others.

As a publication that discusses these topics, we feel that we also needed to supplement our own understanding and continue to work on them. We’ve found some resources that really helped us with this. It is our hope that you will find them to be helpful, too! Here they are:

Best Friends

This website is run by Best Friends Animal Society. They’ve been quite passionate and active about animal welfare and have been at it for over thirty years. They are a nonprofit organization at heart and provide a wealth of information regarding animal care. They publish articles at a steady rate so there’s always something to read to supplement your knowledge.

Humane Society of Central Texas

If you’re aiming to support dog shelters in the general Texas area, you may want to pay attention to HSCT. They have a wonderful goal of being a no-kill status shelter—something that they have managed to maintain through the years. They provide a home for animals and enable the swift and hassle-free adoption of animals for good homes.

Do you happen to have a resource that you make use of? Let us know and we’ll check it out ourselves!